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Thanksgiving Tournament - 2023 - Final Results

Age Category Award Won Team Name Child Name
U11 - Session 1 Best Batter SCYCA Aryan Arora
U11 - Session 1 Best Bowler SCYCA Aarav Arora
U11 - Session 1 Best Fielder CCA Vritansh Velpula
U11 - Session 1 Best Wicket Keeper CCA Shivaansh Singh
U11 - Session 1 Most Valuable Player SCYCA Aarav Arora
U11 - Session 1 Runners Up - Champs DYCA
U11 - Session 1 Champions SCCA-SCYCA
U15 Best Batter Super 11 Aryan Nannaware
U15 Best Bowler DSCA Shreyak Porecha
U15 Best Fielder BCC-ORS Hriday Bharath
U15 Best Wicket Keeper AZYCA Rahul Musti
U15 Most Valuable Player Super 11 Aryan Nannaware
U15 Runners Up - Champs AZYCA
U15 Champions SCCA-WYCA
U19 Best Batter ATB Srivats Balaji
U19 Best Bowler ATB Sai Dharshan M
U19 Best Fielder SCCA Pranav Reddy
U19 Best Wicket Keeper BCA Ashir Saxena
U19 Most Valuable Player ATB Srivats Balaji
U19 Runners Up - Champs BCA
U19 Champions SCCA
U17 Best Batter DYCA Advaith Dhumal Rao
U17 Best Bowler DYCA Anveet Patil
U17 Best Fielder ATB Supransh Kumar
U17 Best Wicket Keeper SCCA 2 & ATB Arpan Baderia & Ashir Saxena
U17 Most Valuable Player DYCA Advaith Dhumal Rao
U17 Runners Up - Champs SCCA-2
U17 Champions SCCA-1
U13 Best Batter ASCE Rohan Anand
U13 Best Bowler NJYCA Akshay Amrith
U13 Best Fielder CCA Naren Sriram
U13 Best Wicket Keeper SDCCYA & DSCA Krishang Parmer & Sabarish Sreejith
U13 Most Valuable Player SDCCYA Ayan Buch
U13 Runners Up - Champs SCYCA
U13 Champions SDCCYA
U11 - Session 2 Best Batter CCA Kairav Shriram
U11 - Session 2 Best Bowler AZYCA Varadh krishnan
U11 - Session 2 Best Fielder CCA & WYCA Rajiv Parab & Ziad Malik
U11 - Session 2 Best Wicket Keeper SDCCYA Siya Thakkar
U11 - Session 2 Most Valuable Player CCA Arusha Parab
U11 - Session 2 Runners Up - Champs WYCA
U11 - Session 2 Champions SDCCYA
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